Looking to stock your office with healthy snacks? Jolly Snacks has got you covered! As well as providing the best office coffee solutions and snack selections, we offer great options for maintaining a healthy office including quality fruit delivery services.

Jolly Fruit’s goal is to provide people with the highest quality fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Each product is handpicked, so our customers can rest assured that they are receiving the same quality as if they were picking out their own produce themselves. Every order is carefully discussed with our customers and is completely customized based on their personal taste and choice.


Yes, it’s that easy!


At Jolly Fruit, we pride ourselves on always going the extra mile to ensure all of our customers have a flawless delivery experience. Since 2008, Jolly Fruit has taken the industry by storm and changed the face of convenience in the workplace by providing fruit delivery solutions across Canada. Our professional fruit delivery services work to improve employee productivity time and allow employees access to their favourite healthy snacks, without having to leave the office.

When you register for Jolly Fruit delivery services, you get access to 24-hour customer service from our dedicated team of professionals and get to enjoy a seamless fruit delivery experience. Register with Jolly Fruit today.

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By having such convenient access to all of their favourite fruits, your employees will no longer have to
deal with the hassle of leaving the workplace during valuable working hours. Instead, all of the healthy
snacks they need to stay happy and energized will be right down the hall.